• Our team understands that your goal is to run a successful business and you need the capital to do that.

  • We help all types of business acquire funding for all types of business financing needs.

  • With our "Pay Per Performance Pledge" you won't pay a dime until we perform.

  • "Pennington Consulting Group is the only firm that I use and recommend to my own clients because of their outstanding service in Credit Consultation and Business Capital funding source. Not only are their services delivered in a professional manner, the rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company".

    Joe Bielski III.
  • “I highly recommend Pennington Consulting Group as a very trustworthy business consulting Firm. I learned to respect my Consultant as we worked together to a satisfactory resolution of my case. They are very knowledgeable and never failed to follow up if I have some questions along the way".

    Norlito Sacro .

Our Programs

Affiliate Program

Join one of our affiliate programs at pennington Consulting Group and start earning commission for any referrals that you bring in.

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IRA/401K Financing

Pennington Consulting Group Financing Options lets you invest your existing IRA or 401(k) funds into launching or buying a business of your own

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SBA Loans

Working with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Pennington Consulting Group provides government-sponsored loans for a variety of business needs

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Business Consulting

Pennington Consulting Group can help you connect with customers, improve your back-office operations, even successfully complete a merger or divestiture.

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Other Services

Take some time to review our services, and give us a call or complete our short online application form by clicking the "APPLY NOW"

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"Our Goal is to Help you Reach your Goal"

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Pennington Consulting Group works with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you to acquire $50,000-$100,000 or more in business funding in 5-10 business days if you meet the minimum criteria to qualify. Our team understands that your goal is to run a successful business and you need the right tools & advice with working capital to do that. We are not just focused on getting you funded, we also can assist you with incorporation, website & can assist with technical management tools exp, client management system or marketing tools and most importantly we help you build business credit so you don't have to depend on your personal credit for any future business financing needs. Pennington Consulting Group can help you with some of the most difficult aspects of your business by providing strategic financial advice tailored to your future business goals and future plans.

Since expanding nationwide in 2011 we have helped many business owners just like you start, & grow their business. We have funded hundreds of thousands of dollars in business credit lines and loans. We help small to large size businesses in almost any industry: Storefront Businesses, Real Estate, Home Based, Internet, Home Services (plumbing, electrical, etc.), just to name a few. Again with our "Pay Per Performance Pledge" you will never have to pay a dime until you receive your lines of credit or get approved for your loan.

Thousands of businesses have failed and there are thousands more that didn’t start because people couldn’t find the seed capital, or they did not have proper execution and did not receive the correct advice needed to open and maintain their doors open. At Pennington Consulting Group we are passionate about helping small business owners & consumers solve their credit and lending problems and we’re completely committed to giving you honest, accurate, and dependable answers to your questions about any aspect of your personal or business finances. Additionally, we’ve found over the years that the average consumer or business owners borrow money the wrong way and a very confused about a lot of aspect of their finances exp understanding their Personal credit score & building business credit.

Pennington Consulting Group sees limitless potential in the current climate, and looks forward to many strong years of growth to come. Take some time to review our services, and give us a call or complete our short online application form by clicking the "APPLY NOW" button. We would love to be a part of your success!

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