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I help ambitious entrepreneurs Start, Grow and Expand their DREAM Business  by providing the right tools and funding resources.

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Thousands of businesses have failed and there are thousands more that didn’t start because people couldn’t find the capital, or they did not have proper execution and did not receive the correct advice to open and maintain their business.


At Pennington Consulting Group we are passionate about helping small business owners & consumers solve their credit and lending problems

We’re completely committed to giving you honest, accurate, and dependable answers to your questions about any aspect of your personal or business finances. Additionally, we’ve found over the years that the average consumer or business owners borrow money the wrong way and are confused about the aspects of their finances especially understanding their personal credit score & building business credit.

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This masterclass will combine your passion and drive with the right knowledge and tools you need to succeed. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. 

We will equip you with the proper mindset, the right tools and training and a step-by-step game plan to establish a strong foundation to start and successfully launch your business. 

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We understand that your goal is to run a Successful Business and you need the right tools & advice with working capital to do that.

We specialize in helping you build a strong foundation for your business, allowing you to put firepower behind your ambition and ideas so you can ditch your grueling 9-5 job, gain financial security and take CONTROL of your future. The time to TRANSFORM your life is now!

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The Consultant’s at Pennington Consulting Group have a unique way of applying their Knowledge, Expertise, and passion in a way that has had an incredible impact on those fortunate to work with them. Trying to navigate today’s business environment requires strategic consultants such as The Consultants at Pennington Consulting Group to persevere and stay strong.

– Anthony Devine

I highly recommend Pennington Consulting Group as a very trustworthy business consulting Firm. I learned to respect my Consultant as we worked together to a satisfactory resolution of my case. They are very knowledgeable and never failed to follow up if I have some questions along the way.

– Norlito Sacro

Pennington Consulting Group is the only firm that I use and recommend to my own clients because of their outstanding service in Credit Consultation and Business Capital funding source. Not only are their services delivered in a professional manner, the rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.

– Joe Bielski III