Outsourcing Tasks in Your Business…

It can be overwhelming running a business, you know what is even more overwhelming? Attempting to hire help or outsourcing! Do not fear! This article will assist you in the proper steps to take to not be afraid to outsource!

First, you need to be able to understand your systems and outline your processes. If you don’t have a process maybe you need to find one and get an expert to help you set it up, the right way! Automating your process and systems is one of the most important steps to growing your business.


Outline Your Process:

I recommend creating a workflow, either in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, drawing it with pen and paper or a favorite over here; Post-it notes! Whatever it takes to understand your process and get it mapped out so you know what happens if someone emails you about working together, or buys your product, or inquiries about a quote! You NEED a process to outline it!


Create an Onboarding Process:

You will need this for new clients, but especially if you are sharing information with a potential VA or bookkeeper, or marketing assistant. You need to know how and what to share! Some of the most important things to think about are:

Your mission, vision, goals
branding board
specific colors or fonts you use in your business
policies and procedures
password keeper system.

How are you going to share these things? Is it via a CRM or training videos or google docs? All things to think about before bringing someone on, or to bring someone on to handle for you!


What’s Your Budget?

Do you have a max budget for a project or weekly help? What’s your rule of thumb for expenses? Do you want to outsource regularly or project based? These are all very important questions to ask. You need to know what you can afford so you don’t get sucked into hiring someone and having to let them go because it’s too expensive, or it cuts too much into your bottom line. BUT on the other hand, in some instances, you get what you pay for.


Where Do I Find the Help?

Ah the age old question, where do I find help? How do I find quality freelancers, bookkeepers, or assistants? First and foremost ask around! See if anyone you know is using someone, or post locally! There are people who freelance all over the world, I bet there are some awesome people in your community who could help out! Facebook groups are a great place to ask as well! Lastly, go to job websites, you tend to have to pay to post, but if it’s the right network you could land a dream accountant!


Interviewing and Hiring the Help:

Take your time to find, contact and interview potential help. Make sure you both have the same values and “vibe” together. You want to make sure it is someone you can easily work with and know that there won’t be frustrations or issues down the road! Making sure to do a “trial” period. Possibly 30 days and then you sign an extended 3, 6 or 12-month contract or an ongoing contract. Don’t rush into anything and make sure its a healthy working relationship.


Be Detailed with How you Ask for Projects to be Done:

Everyone works differently. Some people thrive off of a brief task like “help me increase my website traffic”. And they love the freedom to just be able to do figure out the strategy and do it. Others may want you to say “schedule X social media posts to promote my website traffic and reach out to X people asking to collaborate or share products/services”. You have to understand how you each work and what works best for the both of you. If your accountant wants receipts at the end of every week to make their job easier, it’s best if you adapt and set them up for success!


In Conclusion…

You probably went into business because you have a marketable skill or have the ability to sell products that you have a genuine interest in. You’re an expert in your field. But, you may not be an expert in bookkeeping, taxes, benefits, graphic design, and programming. No one is good at everything, and no one expects you to be!

Your business success is contingent on doing what you do best. This means that the other necessities of your business are better off being outsourced to others. It’s a common misperception of business owners that they can’t afford to hire an accountant or someone to help them build a website. Rather, these individuals can help support your business so that you can stay focused on what brings in money.

Relinquishing some of the required duties of your business is often difficult when you feel you need to be taking care of everything yourself. But, it’s an absolute must if you plan to grow your business. The larger you grow, the more help you’ll need.